Mission Beautify

Hello everyone!

Here is a little post that is different from my normal posts, but hopefully still interesting. 🙂

My friend and I had decided to create a project based around helping out a temple. We were able to attend a very important event. It was Buddha’s birthday, and we had decided to go help out. We were able to help out with serving the food, and cleaning up afterwards.

We were both able to learn more about the religion, and experience such an important event. It was nice watching the different entertainment acts. The vegetarian food there was also very delicious.

We put together a presentation to wrap up our activities there. Hope you enjoy!


Let the B.R.A.W.L. Begin

In my English class, my teacher wanted us to analyze novels in a different way. He wanted to us to be able to read the novel, and connect it to reality. So, he created this activity he called a B.R.A.W.L. We were put into teams, and we would present our answers to the question, and the other team could state their opinions. It was basically a debate. Prior to the debate, our teams needed to create at least two questions from the reading section, and submit them to the teacher, who would then choose the top 10 that he liked to be part of the debate. To prep for the debate, each team had to come up with answers to all the questions, since we didn’t know which one he would choose for us.

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It’s Been A Great Ride

It started in September. It started off slowly. The adrenaline and excitement kept rising. I went through the ups and the downs. The twists and turns. But the experience was everything. Lessons learned. New passions discovered. It has been one long ride. One great ride.

But it doesn’t end here.

The ride is endless. Just like the ocean.

The ride is endless. Just like the ocean.

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6:00 AM

Well, the beginning hooked me in since who doesn’t like it when the sky is a beautiful shade of purple and pink. As I read on, I felt that I could relate very well to this. Especially the part about being both an introvert and extrovert. It really depends on who I am with, like you said. I loved how your writing was a nice simple read, and just flowed. It really allowed me to get to know you a little better, not just as a writer, but as a person. 🙂 So if you are looking for a quick read that will most likely be relatable to all, this is a must.


The sky was bubblegum pink with strokes of purple and red on opposite ends. I had another sleepless night, thinking about everything and nothing and though my body was so tired, my mind wasn’t. 

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It’s All You

There is just too much hate in this world. Why? Well humans are human and we are gonna hate. However, it’s a matter of whether you are able to keep it inside, or you’re gonna be rude. Sometimes, criticism is needed for a specific piece of work, or so a person knows that they should change so that it will positively affect them. But it has gotten to a point where people are hating on another’s taste in music, or style. That’s just crazy.

I’m not here to talk to you about the negativity of criticism. I’m here to get you to understand that all that doesn’t matter. That it is gonna take time to get you to be able to turn away from this criticism. Some people think that it takes a day to just be able to ignore this. There are too many out there who don’t understand that you will need days, months, maybe even years to be able to bring yourself to not care about the hate.

Just remember. You’re okay.

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A Universal Happiness

I sat there and stared. It was beautiful. Perfectly tan. The crepe was cooked to perfection. A white cloud of whipped cream sat atop the folded crepe with chocolate syrup drizzled across. As I pressed my fork into the crepe, bananas surrounded by Nutella oozed out. Whisps of heat trailed out. In that moment, I knew…I just had to eat it. 😉

Can never forget the instant satisfaction as the bananas dipped in nutella dropped in my mouth...

Can never forget the instant satisfaction as the bananas dipped in nutella dropped in my mouth…

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A Loud Smile

If I laugh a lot during the day, I consider it a good day. If nothing really got me to chuckle that day, well, that is what I call a boring day.

Think about your friends. Now think about those that can make you laugh. Do you notice that those people have the power to make your day so much better. You feel more positive after a good time spent laughing. Sometimes, you may have even laughed so much that you get this amazing feeling deep inside, that feels like it is just bubbling to get out. That feeling is what you must try to achieve.

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